Candidate for City Council 2021

Joseph Packer

Candidate for City Council

"People B4 Politics"

Here are some Joseph Packer essentials to help you on your quest to understand the impact that he’s had on the Community for many years. Here is Joseph Packer’s history:

•Community Advocate and Community Organizer
•Instrumental in the Creation and the Construction of the Coney Island YMCA and the PS 188 gymnasium
•Instrumental in the Design and Reconstruction of Kaiser Park
•Assisted in the funding of a new Senior Center and Senior Program
•Influenced the formulation of The United Minister’s Alliance
•Advocated for the eventual and future NY Ferry Services to Coney Island
• Instrumental in CI Annual Summer Basketball Tournaments
•Advocated for Better Security Services for Ocean Towers Housing
• Fought against Grenadier Realty Corp Negligence; leading to better Residence Services and the Formation of the “ Chandler Johnson Scholarship Foundation”
•Founded 100 STRONG BOYS TO MEN, Boys Mentoring Group
•Supported the Fannie Lou Hammer / Sojourner Truth Girls Mentoring Group
•Founded The Coney Island Legends and Future Leaders Mentoring Athletic Association

•Prevented the closure of the Sand Castle Daycare (currently Sunshine Day care)

•Advocated for the fight to retain the local Boys and Girls Club

•Fought for Quality Education to give Parents and Communities a Voice on their local School Board and later Community Educational Council while advocating for smaller class sizes 

•Provided several Bus Trips to Washington, DC to demonstrate and March for Community Fairness and Human Right Causes , including “ The Million Man March”
•Founded Health Jox in Coney Island a Health /Concert Series to Encourage and Promote Healthy Life Choices with Athletics and Music for All Ages
•Assisted in the Creation of the “Coney Island Reunion”, encouraging former and present CI Residents to Unite as ONE FAMILY for a weekend of Fun and Reflection
•Founded the Southern Brooklyn Independent Democratic Club building Partnerships throughout Southern Brooklyn for adequate Representation